Thailand set to register monkeys nationwide


CHIANG MAI, 5 June 2013 The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation is planning to register monkeys nationwide in a bid to provide them with better care and to manage their growing population in the country. 

The monkey registration proposal was introduced during the 8th meeting of the ASEAN Wildlife Enforcement Network (ASEAN-WEN) in Chiang Mai. The proposal seeks to issue identification cards to over 50 groups of monkeys in the country.

The department elaborated that, according to recent surveys, over 500 monkeys occupying tourist places in a number of provinces have exhibited aggressive behaviors and often caused trouble for the locals and visitors alike.

During the registration process, each primate will be given a health check and their appearances will be recorded in the system.

The project is set to be piloted in the Khao Chakan area in Saraburi province, which is one of the places considered home to large monkey colonies.