Thailand reviewing law to strictly curb surrogacy


BANGKOK, Aug 13 —  The Ministry of Public Health fears that the bill to protect children born using reproductive technologies may have loopholes for illegal surrogacy while the Medical Council of Thailand will have an ethical subcommittee supervise surrogacy in particular.

Dr Narong Sahamethapat, Permanent Secretary for Public Health, said he told representatives of the Department of Health Service Support and the Medical Council of Thailand to review gynecological regulations to prevent hired surrogacy.

He also said that the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) could shelve the bill for the protection of children born with reproductive technologies to ensure its solutions to relevant social problems.

Dr Sampandh Komrit, secretary-general of the Medical Council of Thailand, said the council would tomorrow approve details of an ethical subcommittee to supervise surrogacy and the panel would be set up in six months. He assured that wrongdoing doctors would be disciplined.

The council will convene 240 gynecologists nationwide on August 29 to discuss solutions to concerns regarding surrogacy.

The NCPO met at the Army headquarters this morning and discussed the bill for the protection of children born with reproductive technologies.