Thailand Post to give away 9,999,999 postage stamps of His Majesty to people


BANGKOK – People are able to register at Thailand Post’s website now to receive a commemorative post card with a stamp of King Bhumibol Adulyadej printed on it.


According to Thailand Post Company Limited, a total of 9,999,999 cards have been produced to mark the unity of Thai people during this sad period and to express gratitude to His Majesty’s commitment to the Thai people during his reign.

The post cards, which are the size of A5 paper, have a large picture of the King printed on the left while a one-baht postage stamp with the same picture of His Majesty is placed on the ride side. The date ‘October 13th, 2016’ which is when the King passed away has also been stamped on the postage stamp.

There is also a poem written on behalf of Thai people by Thailand Post dedicated to His Majesty. People will receive the post card in a gold envelop which they can keep as a memorabilia of the late King. To register and receive the post card please visit or call 1545 for more information.