Thailand plans to develop more green spaces


Bangkok – Thailand’s Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP) has held a conference aiming to develop urban green spaces in Thailand.

ONEP partnered with Chiang Mai University to hold their first meeting to discuss green urban spaces in the ASEAN region. ONEP environmental specialist and the project director, Sureeporn Kerdkankaew, said urbanization and rapid city growth have impacted the development of green spaces in most areas.

She added that, as ASEAN Chair this year, Thailand has come up with a two-pronged approach to supporting the environment — sustainable environmental management and green cities. These approaches will be further developed into policies for pilot implementation in the urban centers of Phitsanulok and Nan.

The green urban space initiative will adhere to World Health Organization standards and guidelines, which suggest that cities should provide a minimum area of nine square meters of green space per person. The project expects to exceed these requirements to reach 15 square meters per person, in line with international standards.