Thailand, Lao PDR join hands to maintain security along border


NAN, Aug 22 — The Thai-Laos joint commission on bilateral cooperation met here Tuesday to discuss measures to better maintain peace and order along the borders.

Nan Deputy Governor Wittaya Kamon and Col Boonyung Jundalasarn, Deputy Governor of the Lao PDR’s Xayaburi discussed security measures along the Thai-Laos border between Nan and Xayaburi at the 8th Joint Commission Meeting.

Over 100 staff and officials attended the meeting as the two countries representatives reaffirmed commitment to use military personnel and police to prevent any conflict or border intrusion.

The two sides said they will not allow any ill-intentioned group to exploit either country’s territory to commit transnational crime.

The two countries will coordinate preventing the smuggling of illegal goods, weaponry, human trafficking and other crimes which are security threat to both neighbouring countries.

If any problem occurs, the parties affirmed they will jointly resolve the problem under their national and international law, and bilateral agreements.