Thailand introduced to “China Report ASEAN” magazine


BANGKOK,(NNT) – “China Report ASEAN” magazine has made its debut in Thailand in celebration of the 42nd anniversary of cordial relations between Thailand and China.

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To mark the cordial Thai-Chinese relations, Nan Mee Co., Ltd, in cooperation with the China International Publishing Group (CIPG), has unveiled the China Report ASEAN magazine, a monthly periodical published both in Thai and English and targeted at the ASEAN member countries.

Former deputy prime minister Chaturon Chaisang was one of those present at the debut.

The paper-copy magazine was first launched in China last year, along with its website and a mobile application.

Generally, the contents of the magazine are events in China and ASEAN countries, allowing Thai readers to have a better understanding of other cultures and what’s happening in the countries Thailand calls friends and partners.

The publisher is also accepting ideas and suggestions about the magazine for its growth and improvement.