Thailand Focus 2015 expects to attract more foreign investments to the country


BANGKOK – The Ministry of Finance expressed confidence that the ‘Thailand Focus 2015’ seminar will attract more foreign investment to the Kingdom.

Finance Minister Apisak Tantiworawong said after presiding over the opening ceremony that Thailand Focus 2015 is being held to raise awareness of the country as a potential investment destination to foreign entrepreneurs. The 9th Thailand Focus was organized under the theme, ‘Opportunity Growth and Reform.’

The seminar will inform attending investors that the country will soon have a constitution and that national security is no longer an issue. Public debt is only 43% of the national GDP in Thailand, while internal debt is recorded at 94%. Therefore, the government can continue to stimulate economic growth.

However, the Finance Minister admitted that the current economic growth rate of 2.8% is considered too low for a developing nation. He said more measures will be implemented by the government to further promote growth.

Details of mega projects have emerged, with six upcoming construction contracts worth a combined 186 billion baht. An estimated 1.6 trillion baht in investment is expected to be generated within the next year.

Foreign entrepreneurs have been encouraged to invest in the Thailand Future Fund, which is still awaiting Cabinet approval. The fund will have a maximum investment value of 100 billion baht.