Thailand is constantly increasing forest areas


BANGKOK,(NNT) The Director-General of the Royal Forest Department is satisfied with the conditions of Thailands forest areas which has continued to show signs of growth.


Royal Forest Department Director General Chollathit Surassawadee disclosed that strict measures employed to prevent deforestation and illegal logging in the Kingdom’s forest, , especially the use of Section 44, contributed to expansion of forest areas. The encroached forest areas were reduced to about 10,000 rai.

The Royal Forest Department has focused on restoring the forest areas by encouraging public participation in preserving forest.

For the long-term measures to protect the country’s forests, the Royal Forest Department will be utilizing satellite imaging to monitor daily changes the country’s forest areas. The department will also nurturing love and conscious towards the nation’s forest, in line with the teachings of His late Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej on planting forest in the minds of people.