Thailand aims to become food capital


CHANTHABURI – The government has stressed on support for agricultural sector and urged farmers to use the Pracharat cooperation scheme to make the country a food capital in the future.

The Prime Minister visited Chanthaburi province to attend FRUITPITAL FAIR 2017 showcasing products of the grassroots economy and Pracharat cooperation campaigns, including the Pracharat Rak Samakhee social enterprise.

The Prime Minister observed organic fruit farms and said the government has aimed to enhance the Pracharat market to strengthen the agricultural and manufacturing sector and to promote food and innovation security.

He said Thailand is to become a food capital of the world which can produce foods and products to people around the world every day.

He added the government has planned to promote changes in cultivation, processing, and marketing using innovations, advising that all people can help increase produce value in the supply chain by setting up agricultural cooperatives.