Thai workers disregard work permit in Malaysia


YALA, 15 August 2011-The Thai embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia revealed a large number of Thai nationals from the South working in Malaysia have been put behind bars for failing to comply with employment regulations. 

According to the Department of Employment, these workers did not obtain the work permit before they worked in their host country. Most of them gained employment in a Thai restaurant from their friends as either a chef or a waiter.

They have been incarcerated for the lack of the work permit while there are also other Thais who were put in jail for the possession of drugs. The Employment Department explained that these workers completely disregarded the importance of legal employment in Malaysia and those who had obtained one tended to stay over the expiry date.

Those who wish to gain employment in Malaysia during the Ramadan have been advised to follow the legal procedures. They must present a legal document to verify their employment and a letter from their employers and a passport every time they cross the border.

Interested party can seek advice from the Department of Employement, Yala Office for more information on how they can get the work permit. Or call 073-362614.