Thai woman to travel in space


BANGKOK, 7 January 2014  A Thai woman is expected to become the first Thai national ever to fly in space after having been selected by the Space Expedition Corporation during an invitational visit to the USA. 

Ms. Pirada Techawijit will have the rare chance to make history for Thailand. She is one of twenty-three winners out of more than one hundred candidates from sixty-two countries around the world.

She has advised supporters that she was selected by the Space Expedition Corporation when she attended a space camp in Florida, in the USA. The great excursion will be conducted in 2015, during which all 23 winners will travel in the spacecraft, Lynx Mark II, to view planet Earth from a distance of over 100 kilometers away in space.

During her space tour, Ms. Pirada will travel one-on-one with a pilot at speeds of up to 3,550 kilometers per hour into space. It will take approximately 3 minutes and 30 seconds for the craft to reach a point 103 kilometers above sea level. The spaceship will then stop for six minutes to grant her the opportunity to capture memorable pictures from outer space before returning to earth.