Thai students win medals in robot competition in China


Beijing – Thai students have honored the Kingdom by collecting several medals at the ‘Robot Challenge 2018’ event in Beijing China.

The Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBAC) invited students from eight schools to participate in the event, which began on August 9 and concluded Monday.

The annual international competition draws young robotics enthusiasts from all over the world to compete in the creative and inventive contest. The participants have to use their knowledge of science and technology to solve a set of tough puzzles.

Entering 10 categories, the Thai students were able to secure first place in four categories, along with first runner up in one category, second runner up in three categories and third runner up in another category.

This competition requires participants to program and customize their robots or drones to complete a specific set of tasks such as collecting a puck, following a line, overcoming obstacles in the terrain, or racing.