Thai provinces affected by typhoon Rammasun


BUENG KAN, July 16 —  Typhoon Rammasun is impacting many provinces in the Thailand’s Northeast, while the South is facing heavy rains and big waves.

In the Northeast, persistent rains have quickly raised the level of the Mekong River in Bueng Kan province.

Elsewhere in the Northeast, in Buri Ram province, local authorities warned of heavy rains, flash foods, landslides and runoffs in four districts.

In Sakon Nakhon, officials opened three sluice gates in the center of the province to accelerate drainage from Nong Han Lake into the Mekong River to prevent flooding in the Nong Han community and local farmland but the drainage is slow due to the high level of the river.

In the South, runoff hit restaurants and homes near the Krabi Yai Canal in Krabi province late last night. Local residents have been warned of possible flash floods and runoff in the next few days due to persistent rains.

In Trang province, a seaside road in Koh Sukorn subdistrict of Palian district was damaged at about 10 locations and the subdistrict was declared a disaster-stricken area.