Thai pilgrims preparing to officially perform Hajj ceremonies next week


MECCA – Thai pilgrims have begun preparing to officially perform Hajj ceremonies next week, while the Saudi authorities have provided officials to ensure safety and conveniences for all Hajj pilgrims.

The last group of 8,812 Thai Hajj pilgrims have arrived in Saudi Arabia on 23 August 2017. They are still performing religious activities at the Al Haram Mosque and have begun preparing to depart for Mina field, which is about five kilometers away from Mecca before heading to the Arafah Field, the first step of the official Hajj ceremonies.

The Saudi government has revealed that 1.3 million pilgrims from all over the world have already arrived in Saudi Arabia.

Last week, the Saudi Arabian government has issued an ad hoc operation plan to facilitate pilgrims from around the world, which includes security and facilitation measures for the Hajj pilgrims. The government has mobilized over 95,000 staff working in various units such as security units, service units and medical units to accommodate the Muslim pilgrims.

The Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umroh has ensured that all Hajj pilgrims will be taken care of without discrimination.