Thai pilgrims participate in Big Cleaning Day in Mina


At the accommodation areas for Thai pilgrims in Mina, chief of the Thai Hajj Affair Office, Acting Major Youthana Chowduree, led Thai and Saudi Arabian officials, as well as Thai pilgrims, to participate in a Big Cleaning Day.

This campaign aims to collect waste and clean areas around the Thai pilgrims’ accommodation. Due to the large number of Thai pilgrims, the tented areas in which the Thai pilgrims stay need careful attention to cleanliness.

Acting Major Youthana Chowduree said that this year’s Big Cleaning Day is possible through cooperation between Thai officials and Thai pilgrims, to ensure that the places they stay in are clean. Sanitation is a fundamental principle of Islamic faith. Even though the duration of stay is short, it is crucial for all of the pilgrims to keep the venues clean.

Achieving this will create a good impression of Thailand, reflecting our culture in the eyes of the world. Therefore, the chief of the Thai Hajj Affairs Office has requested cooperation from companies and entrepreneurs to lead Thai pilgrims in the campaign. Lastly, Acting Maj. Youthana would like to extend his gratitude to the Saudi Arabian authorities for their hospitality. (NNT)