Thai people told: “Eat less salt, care for your kidneys”


BANGKOK, March 8 – Eight million Thais, or 17.5 per cent of the population, suffer from kidney problems, according to the Public Health Ministry.

The number of kidney patients has increased by more than 7,800 people each year.

Deputy permanent secretary for public health Sopon Mekthon said Thai people have higher tendency of kidney problems mainly a consequence of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Thai patients having diabetes and high blood pressure number nearly 15 million people and 60 per cent of them have kidney problems later, he said.

The Public Health Ministry and the Kidney Disease Association of Thailand are organising a campaign to mark World Kidney Day on March 14 by urging Thai people to eat less salt and salty food.

The “World Kidney Week, Lessen Salt by Half” is scheduled for March 11-17 when state hospitals nationwide will join the campaign in educating the public on prevention of kidney diseases and urging people to take 50 per cent less salt.