Thai Navy continues search for missing Malaysian airliner


PHUKET, 14 March 2014  The Royal Thai Navy is assisting Malaysia in its hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 as the search was extended to the Andaman Sea. 

According to the Region 3 Navy, it has so far dispatched a Super Lynx helicopter and a patrol ship to the Andaman Sea and put two other ships on standby in the Gulf of Thailand, awaiting a request for assistance from Malaysia.

Yesterday the navy combed through an area which covers around 10,000 square nautical miles near the island of Phuket. The navy representatives has confirmed that the search will continue until efforts are called off by Malaysia.

China, Vietnam, USA, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, Japan, India and the Philippines are also contributing ships, aircraft and personnel, while other nations including Brunei have also offered support. The Malaysian airliner went missing last Saturday and was last spotted as the plane flew northeast across the mouth of the Gulf of Thailand.