Thai missing in Philippine volcanic eruption found


BANGKOK, May 8 – Filipino authorities have found a Thai man who was injured in the eruption of a Philippine volcano and sent him for hospitalisation.

Thai Foreign Ministry spokesman Manasvi Srisodapol said the Philippine disaster response agency has officially informed the Thai foreign ministry that the missing Thai national had been found.

The victim was reportedly wounded from flying lava and was sent to hospital.

The spokesman said the Thai ambassador to Manila has contacted four other Thais who are now receiving medical treatment for minor injuries at Bicol Regional Training Center Teaching in Legazpi. The Thai foreign ministry also informed the families of the victims about the incident.

Five Thais were reportedly staying at the second upper base camp when the Mayon volcano in Albay province, one of the Philippines’ most active volcanoes, erupted on Tuesday.

The eruption threw large boulders striking foreign climbers and their Filipino guides, killing at least five people, including four Germans and one Filipino.