Thai health officials to isolate possible virus spreaders among home-comers


NONTHABURI, March 25 – The Office of the Permanent Secretary for Health has ordered provincial health officials and volunteers to reach the people who returned to their home provinces and convince them to isolate themselves to help control the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Dr Sukhum Kanchanapimai, permanent secretary for health, had a teleconference with health officials of all provinces. He ordered them to work seriously to contain the disease.

“Disease control and spread reduction were effective but patients are increasing due to those from boxing stadiums and entertainment places and people returning from other countries,” he said.

Dr Sukhum assigned provincial health officials to prepare beds, medical supplies, medicines, personal protective equipment, field hospitals, cohort wards and other places including hotels to receive patients.

He ordered provincial officials to quickly disburse risk allowances to medical staff handling COVID-19 cases to boost their morale.

Provincial health officials and volunteers must tell people who returned to home provinces to comply with 14-day home quarantine and refrain from socializing.

“Elderly people should stay home to reduce the risks of infection and deaths,” Dr Sukhum said.
“The safety of public health personnel is foremost,” he also said. (TNA)