Thai government puts high priority on human rights


BANGKOK, (NNT) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) stressed on the government’s emphasis on the human rights issue and vowed to lead the country towards strong democracy, unity and stability.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement in response to the United States’ Department of State’s 2016 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices which cover 195 countries in six regions across the globe, including Thailand.

The ministry’s statement says the Thai government is pursuing its roadmap, which is now in the second phase, to achieve strong democracy, united society, and stable country, while the execution of power using the allowed measure according to the interim constitution is aimed to maintain order in the society and solve the long-lasting problems which regular law does not have enough power to tackle.

It says the government only uses such power cautiously and only if necessary, upholding to the benefits of the country.

Regarding the policy to solve issues in the southern border provinces, the ministry says the government has been implementing the “Understanding, Reach, Development” approach in 2016, and has so far reduced the number of incidents, while the government gives priority on peace talks with public participation which may require some time for the progress to develop.

The ministry is willing to work with the United States Embassy in Thailand to help verify and elaborate claims made in this report in order to clarify Thailand’s efforts to help encourage human rights.