Thai Education Ministry vows to improve school programs

Thai children can look forward to improvement of the education system including employment of foreign teachers.

Bangkok – The Ministry of Education has announced its commitment to improving the quality of education provided at schools, streamlining complicated regulations, and hiring more foreign teachers.

The Minister of Education Nataphol Teepsuwan has disclosed the Ministry of Education’s overall performance in 2020, acknowledging that there were some limitations preventing certain targets being achieved, such as budget regulations.

He said the existing regulations will need to be streamlined and improved to reduce the complexity, while some redundant rules will also need to be cancelled.

Mr Nataphol said the Ministry of Education has this year adopted a clear action plan to achieve its future targets, such as the reduction of class hours while improving learning activities, as well as the development of community schools.

The Ministry of Education earlier proposed to the Cabinet a new school lunch budget calculation, which will cover cases of school mergers, where the budget for the smaller schools will be transferred to the new medium or large schools formed from the merger.

The Ministry of Education’s plan is also aimed at promoting the employment of foreign teachers, addressing some existing regulations that have complicated the process, while promoting other campaigns such as the Human Capital Excellence Center, the DEEP platform, and the Excellence Individual Development Plan, all of which help increase opportunities to improve the education system. (NNT)