Thai Chamber of Commerce proposes draft law to improve air quality


BANGKOK  – The Thai Chamber of Commerce has submitted a proposal to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, ChuanLeekpai, on a draft law to tackle air pollution, because it is adversely affecting the Thai economy.

The Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Kalin Sarasin, said hazardous dust particles have negative effects on tourism and people’s health. However, the current law does not fully address the problem.

Mr. Kalin said relevant agencies have held a meeting to discuss pollution’s economic impact, particularly in Chiang Mai province, where more than 10,000 people signed their names in support of the drafting of the Clean Air Bill. The proposal suggests setting up a committee on clean air, chaired by the prime minister, and comprised of ministers with related portfolios. The committee is to monitor the air situation and design related policies and penalties for offenders.

Mr. Chuan received the proposal and suggested that these recommendations should be discussed directly with the government. The legislative proposal will then be presented at a House meeting to expedite the enactment process.

The House Speaker said legislators recognize the importance of the pollution problem. He also agreed that different government agencies have to integrate their work to avoid overlapping duties and responsibilities.