Thai army continues to help rice farmers


CHIANG RAI – Army units in various provinces continued to lend support to cash-strapped farmers in an effort to help them cope with price slump.


In Chaing Rai, the 35th mobile development unit of the Royal Thai Armed Forces and the Veterinary and Agriculture Division 3 of the Veterinary and Remount Department mobilized 20 harvesting trucks to rice fields in Mae Chan district to help the farmers collect grains as the renting of such vehicle would cost as much as 1,000 baht per rai.

Meanwhile, Lampang Governor Suwat Promsuwan and Deputy Chief of the 32nd Military Circle Col Surakol Tuamsem led a group of soldiers, police officers and local residents in a traditional rice harvesting activity at a rice paddy located in Hang Chat district.

Phan Suthapa, the rice field owner, needed help because he did not have enough manpower to harvest the crop. The 32nd Military Circle also brought a small rice refining machine to help the owner.