Teenagers caught with stolen motorbikes


On the evening of August the 22nd police on walking street were alerted by voluntary officers manning a checkpoint at Chai Mongkol temple in south Pattaya that some teenagers had failed to stop when asked to do so.

The police were able to stop the group which consisted of one 18 year old man, a 15 year old boy and a girl aged just 14 they were driving a white Honda Scoopy, and a red Honda Wave

One of the boys said they had come from Sattahip with 3 other people and got scared when the officers at the temple tried to stop them.

He said he knew that the motorbikes were stolen but they did not commit the crime and that they had a friend named New who had stolen the motorbikes.

The police kept the bikes at the station and will try to track down there rightful owners.

Underage gang involved in motorbike thefts.

Teenagers caught with stolen motorbikes