Teenage gang angered at refusal from karaoke girl


On June the 3rd police were called to a karaoke bar in Soi Yume on central Pattaya road to check after there had been reports of gunshots.

A female member of staff at the bar stated that a man known as Rit and his three friends came into the bar and had a drink, they asked the woman to accompany them, which she politely refused.

The men became angry at her, walked out of the bar and fired three bullets into the sky then jumped into their black BMW and fled the scene.

Luckily no one was injured and the police are on the look out for these hoodlums, however with limited resources the general public should bear in mind that many young men carry firearms and other lethal weapons in bars in Pattaya and if you make them lose face, they will use them without considering the consequences.