Taxi drivers forbidden from threatening unlicensed transport drivers


BANGKOK – The Land Transport Department has asked taxi drivers to improve their service quality while urging them to report the discovery of any unlicensed drivers of shared driver services, to officials.

Director-General of the Land Transport Department, Sanit Promwong said that officials have offered an apology to the driver of a car and his passenger, who taxi drivers at Chiang Mai Airport recently encircled due to their belief that the driver belonged to UBER or Grab, two of the shared driver service operators in Thailand.

Mr. Sanit said that the apology and an explanation were offered to both the driver and passenger after it was confirmed that the pickup had nothing to do with a shared driver service.

He added that a meeting of representatives of the Chiang Mai Land Transport Office, Chiang Mai Airport, the police, the military and related parties, such as taxi drivers and transport service operators at the airport, had already agreed that any sighting of suspected UBER or Grab Car drivers will be reported to the department for proper action while no one should ever get involved in any physical confrontation to threaten the suspect driver or car again.