Children and Youth Department launches “Safe Sex” campaign


BANGKOK – The Department of Children and Youth is raising awareness of teen pregnancy among Thai youngsters.

Vitat Techabun, the Director General of the Department of Children and Youth, chaired the opening of the “Safe Sex” campaign to reduce pregnancy rates among teens. The lack of sex education is a major cause of teenage pregnancy, he said, adding that Thailand has the highest teen pregnancy rates in Asia, which is an alarming concern.

The number of teenage mothers rose 100% from 2016 to 2017 and has a tendency to rise every year.

It’s hoped the campaign will raise awareness and educate Thai teens about safe sex to avoid an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy which is the most common reason given for seeking an abortion.

The director general also asked all sectors to help raise awareness of the issue.

The launch ceremony was supported by many famous individuals and numerous teenagers.