Tak health and rescue workers rehearse response to large accident


TAK, 3 May 2014  – Health and rescue workers in Tak province carried out a rehearsal for large accidents on Friday, after two road accidents just a couple weeks apart claimed 43 lives in the province.

Personnel from Mae Sot Hospital were giving first aid to the mock wounded, as well as evacuating them from the accident site and sending them to the hospital using both land and air channels. The mock accident on Friday involved a collision between a bus carrying workers and a military personnel carrying truck. The drill was conducted on a road at a reservoir in Mae Sot district.

Around 200 health and rescue workers, some coming from Myawaddy town across the Thai-Myanmar border in Mae Sot, took part in the rehearsal.

Mae Sot Hospital Director Natthaphong Wongwiwat, who is entrusted with commanding over emergency operations, said the drill would provide the participants with experience that can be utilized in the aftermath of real accidents and disasters.