Swallows from Siberia migrate to Nan


NAN, 10 November 2013 The Nan Municipality officers are having some extra clean-up to do, as swallows from Siberia migrate to the province over the past couple of days. 

Bird excrements have littered roads, vehicles, and buildings in Nan, creating an unpleasant smell. However tourists were excited to see and take pictures of the beautiful swallows.

Officials sprayed sanitizer to prevent any bird-related disease. They are doing their best not to chase the swallows away, but making sure that human will get no infection.

Meanwhile, the residents are having mixed feeling about the birds. Some think that this is a natural phenomenon for the swallows to seek warmer weather from Siberia; some think that the birds are causing too much trouble to humans.

The Nan Municipality has recently received a funding to move the electrical wires underground, so that the birds will not rest on the wires and stop them from excreting on people’s vehicles and street.