Suthep says operation to “recall control” of sovereign power to begin on Monday


BANGKOK, May 17 — Anti government protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban said Saturday that the so-called operation to “regain control of the sovereign power” would start on Monday. But if it could not be accomplished by May 26, he would surrender.

Mr Suthep, People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) secretary general said after a meeting of the PDRC’s provincial branches nationwide that the country being without a Prime Minister was a problem.

It was unfortunate that the Senators could not come to a specific conclusion that could bring the country out of political crisis, he said.

He said the PDRC supporters have fought for a long period and there should be a date set when the movement could achieve the target.

He said the operation would start with preparations on Sunday and was scheduled to complete by May 26.

On Sunday at 10am, all networks of unions, including state enterprise unions, would be invited to meet at the Government House to assign tasks, and the operation would begin on Monday.

At 2pm, retired senior government officials including former governors would be invited to meet to jointly draft the operational plan for ministries and government agencies.

As for the general public, he said, they would recall sovereign power from the caretaker ministers, calling on them to resign to open the way for reform.

He has also called on government officials to reject the authority of the caretaker ministers, ignoring their orders in a similar manner as the officials of the Public Health Ministry have done.

On Thursday, he would call a meeting of government agency heads, including  Permanent Secretaries and Director Generals, to wipe out what he called the “Thaksin Regime” from all ministries.

During Friday to Sunday, there would be a major public rally nationwide. If the operation could not draw millions of people to join by Monday, Mr Suthep said he would surrender on Tuesday. 

Mr Suthep said the PDRC has given its fullest attempt to fight, as it has fought for an appropriate length of time. Whether it would be a happy ending or not depended on public and government officials.

Win or lose, he would be able to accept that.