Suthep declares Nov 24 demise of Thaksin Regime


BANGKOK, Nov 18 – Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban has announced the fall of the Thaksin Regime on Sunday when the number of Thai people’s endorsements on a petition to impeach 310 MPs who voted for the amnesty bill will reach one million.

In yet another harsh speech at the Democracy Monument last night, the former deputy prime minister said protesters will fight together until the Thaksin regime is totally wiped out of Thai society.

He called on Bangkok protesters to come out to fight against the government on Rajdamnoen Avenue and said that those in the provinces should simultaneously hold similar activities which will eventually stimulate civil servants to rise up in arms against the current government.

“November 24 will be a historic day for Thai people who will topple Thaksin Regime. Let us come up with a million or more than a million (people) to fight with our bare hands until we win,” he said.

As Mr Suthep and other protest leaders were on stage, people continued pouring in to sign their petitions to impeach the 310 MPs in the government bloc who voted in favour of the controversial amnesty bill. The legislation was later rejected by the Senate.

Satit Wongnhongtaey, former Democrat MP, said Mr Suthep and other leaders will show up at Parliament today to present themselves as “pioneers” to remove the 310 MPs.

He believed the protesters will be successful in collecting enough supporters for the impeachment by tomorrow.

The intensity of the protest will continue to escalate until it peaks on November 30 as declared by Mr Suthep, he said.

Buddhipongse Punnakanta, a former Democrat MP from Bangkok, urged the demonstrators to keep a close watch on the Senate’s debate on the bill to borrow Bt2 trillion for infrastructure development projects, scheduled for today.

He said the demonstrators will also protest against the bill which was earlier passed by the House of Representatives.