Loy Krathong Festival organised throughout Thailand


SUKHOTHAI, Nov 17 – Loy Krathong Festival this year is being joyously organised throughout the country. 

In Sukhothai, the annual ceremony began in the morning. A royal krathong was given to the province and paraded so locals could appreciate its beauty. The Loy Krathong event there is held at Sukhothai Historical Park where the royal krathong will be floated at 10.30pm.

In Chiang Mai, traditional ceremonies were held to worship and ask forgiveness from ‘Mae Khongkha’, or the the Goddess of Water, while a flower market in the provincial seat was lively, as residents came out to shop for flowers to make krathongs despite higher raw material prices.

In Chiang Rai, an event was held in front of Chiang Saen District Office where a giant krathong of 3-metre diametre, a line of 3,999 krathongs, and 999 sky lanterns will be released tonight.

Meanwhile, in Thailand’s northeast at the Thai-Cambodian border area in Si Sa Ket’s Kantaralak district, the Loy Krathong ambience has started to be lively along the border with Prear Vihear temple. A krathong parade was held and joined in by Thais and foreigners. The district’s evening activity is being held at a local park, starting at 6pm.

In the South, Hat Yai Municipality in Songkhla province organised a merit-making and alm-giving ceremony for monks to kickstart the Loy Krathong festival.

In another southern province, at the Thai-Myanmar border at Ranong-Kawthaung, particularly at the ferry crossing point between the two countries, the day has been very lively since morning, as Myanmar people cross the border to join the Loy Krathong event held in Ranong Municipality.

At least 20,000 Myanmar people, both working in Ranong and from Kawthaung, annually participate in this festival. Marine Police Inspector Pol Lt Col Nirat Chuaijit said two patrol boats and personnel are prepared for accident prevention and to enforce safety of those crossing the border by ferry.