Suspect claims personal, financial problems are motive behind gold robbery


BANGKOK – The suspected gold shop robber claimed that personal issues and financial problems were the motive behind the fatal robbery at the gold shop in Lop Buri during the press conference at the Royal Thai Police headquarters Thursday morning.


The National Police Chief Pol Gen ChakthipChaijinda, along with senior police officials who play key roles in dissolving the case were present at the press briefing.

PrasitthichaiKhaokaew, the headmaster of a school in Sing Buri was arrested by the Hanuman special taskforce unit yesterday after intensified and extensive investigations, conducted by joint police forces and forensic experts had pinpointed him as the prime suspect.

Prasitthichai did not attend the press briefing today but he was allowed to answer the questions of the media during a phone-in session.

He said personal issues and financial problems were the motive behind the gold shop robbery.

He acted alone and expressed his regrets over his action and felt sorry for the victims. He planned to surrender himself on Jan 24 after he finishes his work at school.

Responding the questions, he said he had planned 2-3 days before he launched the attack. He shot the security guard first to open his way to commit the crime and didn’t mean to hurt the toddler, hit by a stray bullet.

He claimed repeated shots at the gold shop staff had been caused by his attempt to remove his glove, struck near the trigger.

He has been charged with seven counts including premeditated murder and robbery. He confessed to all charges.

The police are searching for the last evidence, the silencer, the suspect said he dumped it into the river after gold necklaces were retrieved from his father’s house last night.

The red Yamaha Fino motorcycle and the Czech-made CZ SP-01 semi-automatic pistol, used in the fatal heist belong to his father-in-law and his father, a former policeman, respectively.

The police will seek the court’s approval for his detention at the Ratchada Criminal Court this afternoon after the case was transferred to the Crime Suppression Division (CSD). (TNA)