Surin province looks into waterway obstruction


SURIN, 11 August 2012  – Surin Province has set up a committee to urgently deal with the problem of Siam Global House Company building a structure encroaching on a public waterway. 

Governor of Surin, Mr. Nirun Kanlayanamit, told a press conference that the move is taken after he found that authorities supervising the area took no action to stop the construction. Mr. Nirun said he had issued a written order to the chief of the Tambon Chaniang Administrative Organization asking him to inform the project owner to stop the construction. However, the officer, whose term is due to expire on August 23, seemed to have some difficulties in carrying out the order.

Siam Global House Public Company Ltd. is constructing a building of a size that is larger than legal permission in an area along the Surin-Prasat road, encroaching upon the path of the Huai Saneng stream. The construction is in violation of the law and regulations covering city planning in the province.

The Governor said the province has set up a committee to quickly solve the problem before local residents are adversely affected as the building could clog the waterway resulting in repeated floods in the future.

The press conference was also attended by Deputy Governor of Surin, Mr. Yuthana Viriyakitti, and officials from relevant agencies in the province.