Surat Thani pushes forward eradication of drug abuse in youth


SURAT THANI, 13 March 2015 – Surat Thani province is proceeding with the move to prevent youth in risk groups from getting involved with drugs and vices.

Deputy Governor of Surat Thani Wichawut Jinto held a meeting to discuss the prevention and elimination of drug abuse found in the province. Emphasis was placed on the effort to stop the spread of drug addiction and involvement with vices among youth who are considered vulnerable, in compliance with the first strategy of the drug prevention and protection plan 2015.

The strategy mainly focuses on building an immune system for young children at child development centers and kindergartens through the telling of moral stories and the discouragement against drug experimentation.

The strategy also aims to improve the capabilities of educators and school staff in order to allow them to help protect teenagers at schools from drug involvement more effectively. Outside classrooms, there will be a program that seeks to empower youth, especially vulnerable ones, to be able to abstain from narcotic substances while anti-drug seminars and volunteer activities will be open to them as well.