DWR speeds up early warning system development on 3G network


BANGKOK, 13 March 2015 – The Department of Water Resources (DWR) is now working to develop a detection and warning system to safeguard the public from flash floods and landslides through the utilization of the 3G network for the risk areas, says the DWR Director-General.

The DWR Director-General Jatuporn Buruspat has announced that the DWR is now developing an early warning system that will be used to safeguard the public from flash floods and landslides, in the villages situated in risk areas nationwide.

The new early warning system is expected to have a higher performance when compared to the previous version. This new system will be utilizing the 3G network and smartphone applications that will provide reports that monitor the situation and notifications.

The DWR Director-General has said that this early warning system will relay notifications to the public, and reports to the central unit once the system detects a rain precipitation that exceeds 100 millimeters.

The warning levels will be categorized into three levels, including green, yellow and red. The green level signifies that the situation is being monitored closely. The yellow level is a warning for the public to be prepared. The highest level, the red level, means the public are advised to evacuate the area.

This new early warning system has already been installed at 1,052 stations, covering 3,207 villages in 50 provinces.