Supreme Patriarch gives blessing on Makha Bucha Day


Bangkok – His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch gave blessings on Makha Bucha Day on Thursday, urging Buddhists to exercise tolerance and be trustworthy persons to attain prosperity.

His Holiness Somdet Phra Ariyavongsagatanana VIII remarked that Makha Bucha Day was the day when four important occurrences of Buddhism occurred, and was the day when 1,250 Buddhist disciples gathered before Lord Buddha without being summoned. This holy day is celebrated every full moon day of the third lunar month.

On this day, Lord Buddha delivered the Ovadapatimokha teachings which are the principles of Buddhism, including the teaching of tolerance, Nirvana which is the goal of disciples who seek to break free from worries using the Buddhist principles without worrying others, and who have a mind clearly free of greed, anger, and infatuation.

Faithful Buddhists are advised to take the occasion to revive the principles of Buddhism and to uphold tolerance, be a trustworthy person and adhere to morality, refrain from molesting each other, and not involve themselves in sinful acts, in order to have true happiness and prosperity in life.

The observance of Makha Bucha Day was started by King Rama V the Great as a tradition which Thai people should conserve and cherish.