Summer storms to hit most parts of the country April 26-30


BANGKOK, 25 April 2014  – The Meteorological Department has issued warnings for the North, the Northeast, as well as the central and eastern regions to be on the lookout for heavy rainfall, gusty winds and possible hailstones from the summer storm expected to hit the country this April 26-30. 

The department announced the weather forecast of a high pressure cell making its way over central China and expected to spread to Thailand’s northeastern region on April 26 then covering the northern, central and eastern regions by April 30.

Tropical storms are expected to spread from the Northeast where heavy rain, strong winds and hail could be seen. People are advised to beware of billboards, big trees and insecure building structures during these times of extreme weather conditions.

Meanwhile, Bangkok and its vicinity can expect high temperatures and gloomy weather during daytime with a 30 percent chance of rain and strong winds. The highest temperature could reach 36-38 degrees Celsius with a low of 27-28 degrees Celsius, and southerly winds of 30 kilometers per hour.