Summary conditions of HM the King in May


A team of doctors responsible for treating His Majesty the King at Siriraj hospital gave a summary of his medical conditions from May 1-31.

A statement of the Bureau of the Royal Household released Wednesday said that during early May, HM the King had an inflammation of the knee joint but the condition improved a few days afterward following anti-biotic treatment.


On May 11, the King had fever and lingering coughs and the doctors administered antibiotics to treat a respiratory infection and later stopped applying antibiotics after his condition improved. The medical team continued to give the King oxygen and treatment to move excess saliva and phlegm.

On May 20, the medical team noticed an unusual movement of the King’s facial muscles and an X-ray showed excess fluid in the brain. They applied a drainage tube in his abdomen to drain excess fluid from the spine.

But throughout the month of May, the King suffered from stomach ache periodically causing him unable to eat enough food. The doctor’s team provided food for the King through intravenous tube.

Examination of the heart showed that the relaxation of heart muscles was unusual and antibiotic treatment was applied and doctors would follow up his condition.