Sukhothai unveils marigold field as new tourist attraction


SUKHOTHAI – Sukhothai Province is promoting the blooming marigold field in the province as the latest “unseen” tourism attraction, a TAT official says.

Sukhothai Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Office’s Director Patsarin Sawetrat has revealed that TAT Sukhothai is now inviting tourists to come and enjoy the beauty of blooming marigold in vast fields located in Pak Khwae Subdistrict, Sukhothai Province. 

Marigolds are planted in the area as substitute to tobaccos during the dry season starting from November and ending in April, adding the golden-yellow color to the local scenery.

Visitors can observe the livelihood of local farmers harvesting marigold flowers in the morning, while the marigold fields are gaining popularity as a new tourism attraction, from the images shared on the internet by numerous visitors.

Interested individuals can contact TAT Sukhothai for more information about visiting the fields by calling 0-5561-6228-9.