Sukhothai to seek 110-million-baht budget for flood prevention


SUKHOTHAI, 16 January 2013  Sukhothai Province plans to seek an allocation of 110 million baht from the upcoming mobile Cabinet meeting to finance its flood prevention project.

Sukhothai Governor Sumitra Srisombat has inspected the banks of the Yom River in the Sukhothai municipality, the area designated as the site for flood prevention development. The 110-million-baht plan has been drafted and will be proposed to the cabinet for approval during its next meeting, to be held in Uttaradit during January 18-20.

The budget will be used in five projects: (1) construction of embankments on the Yom River and a sluice gate on Mae Ramphan Canal, (2) the first-phase construction of the eastern floodwall to protect Wat Ratchatani and surrounding areas in Sukhothai municipality, (3) the second-phase construction of the eastern floodwall to protect Wat Thai Chumphon and nearby areas, (4) local highway development, and (5) embankment repairs to the section of the Yom River in Sawankhalok Town.

If approved, the projects will begin immediately and are expected to complete in one year.