Sukhothai takes a short break, only for now


SUKHOTHAI, Sept 17 – Breaches of anti-flood embankments have apparently horrified officials in this former capital province where Governor Chakkarin Plienwong ordered authorities concerned to search for additional leaks along the Yom River.

While the hunt for leaks continues, water pumps are working hard to direct flood waters out of the provincial seat—the second flooding in less than a week.

A big-bag wall has been erected to prevent Sukhothai commercial areas from the floods but a 50-80cm leak was found Sunday, inundating the provincial Tassana Panich Road in the municipality before flowing into a densely-inhabited community.

The provincial administration warned residents on both sides of the Yom, the major river running through Sukhothai, to be on alert for a possible added round of floods today. The flood-prone districts are Sawankaloke, Sri Samrong, the provincial seat and Sri Satchanalai.

Sri Samrong and Sawankaloke, battered by floods on the weekend, now show waters receding while the water level in the Yom River measured at the provincial seat was 7.32 metres.

Waters have overflowed the riverbanks into five villages. The water level in the Yom River, measured at the municipality, Muang Sukhothai Thani, is at a critical stage since it is at the same level as the big-bag wall.