Student in coma after college prank goes wrong


A student of a university in Sri Racha is in a coma with a severe lung infection in the ICU of Chonburi provincial hospital after he was forced to dive in a waste water pond by his seniors during a hazing ritual.


The incident was posted in the Facebook page of a netizen who was believed to be the elder sister of the victim identified as Chokechai Thongnuakhao or Boss.

Her message reads: “Yesterday (Sept 9), whichever senior who, while conducting a hazing activity in an unconstructive fashion, forced my brother to wash in a waste water pond until he drowned. It took two attempts of diving before he was retrieved from the pond. He is now in ICU with severe lung infection and in serious condition. Whichever seniors are responsible for the life of my brother?”

She gave further details of the hazing ritual that her brother went through. She said her brother was forced to wash in one pond, but the senior students thought he was not clean enough and forced him to wash in another pond. She thought her brother might feel tired and drowned.

When the victim was brought up from the pond, he was rushed to the hospital. However, his condition was serious and he was transferred to Chonburi provincial hospital where he is now in a coma.

She disclosed that on the same evening a lecturer called her claiming that the hazing activity was held by the students themselves without permission from the university and the university had warned them before not to go to the waste water treatment facility because it is dangerous.

After the first post, more messages were posted on social media, apparently, by the victim’s classmates who went through a similar ordeal. One claimed that the pond was used to treat chemical wastes.