SRT to ban alcohol sales on trains


BANGKOK, July 9 — The governor of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) has ordered drafting a regulation prohibiting the sale of alcoholic drinks on board trains, after a 13-year old passenger was raped and murdered.

Governor Prapat Jongsanguan told the press after paying his last respects to the 13-year old victim at her school, Satree Nonthaburi, that he has ordered an urgent drafting of a new regulation to ban alcoholic drinks sales on board every train, the only public transport service that did not regulate alcoholic drinks.

He said the gruesome incident has prompted the SRT to adjust all of its operations, including the recruitment of more railway police and the installation of a CCTV system on newly purchased trains to ensure better safety and crime prevention.

In the meantime, he said that he has set up a committee to oversee the hiring of new employees, as he has found that the arrested suspect had been prosecuted and has a criminal record, so that he could not become a state employee.