SRT suspended northern train service due to damages from heavy rain


BANGKOK, 5 September 2012  – The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) has suspended parts of its services in the North in order to repair the damage caused by bad weather conditions. 

According to SRT’s chief of maintenance Sitthipong Promla, the SRT’s maintenance policy during the rainy season requires officers to inspect all the tracks twice a day, particularly those in the northern hilly region, to prevent damage from mudslide, especially when heavy rain has continued for some time.

He said that the latest report from the North showed that flood and forest-runoff in the region have already disrupted parts of its services.

The affected tracks which are in Lampang Province resulted in the suspension of some of Bangkok-Chiang Mai services on Tuesday.

The SRT expected some services to be resumed by Wednesday, while asking affected passengers to contact the SRT Call Center at number 1690 around the clock, for further information.