SRT to increase trains during New Year’s festival


In anticipation of increased passengers using train service during the New Year’s festival from December 29 to January 4, the State Railway of Thailand has decided to add more trains to cope with the rising demand.


SRT governor Wutthichart Kalayanamit said that the increased trains would be able to cope with an average of 100,000-110,000 passengers per day for two periods –during December 29-31 and during January 2-4.

The SRT plans to put into service 244 trains a day to cope with about 90,000 passengers expected to travel. These include 42 trains for the northern route, 58 for northeastern route, 76 for southern route, 26 trains for eastern route and 42 for Mae Klong route.

On top of that, Mr Wutthichart said an addition of 1-2 cars will be added to each of the third-class trains which will be able to accommodate 10,000 passengers a day. Eight additional trains will be put into service on northeastern route during December 28-30 and during January 2-4.

The governor noted that the SRT had stepped up security in trains and would instructed officials concerned to keep punctual in the train services. He added that officials would be banned from drinking while working.


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