Special Report: Thailand marks 232 years of Rattanakosin era


The Ministry of Culture is preparing to host events marking the 232nd anniversary of the Rattanakosin era this year.

The three-day festival is slated to be held between April 19-21 at Sanam Luang in Bangkok. Over 55 million baht has been spent on organizing events to celebrate the occasion. 

King Rama I, or Phraphutthayotfa Chulalok the Great established Bangkok as the capital of Thailand in 1782. The city pillar was installed to mark the date on April 21.

The festival in commemoration of the 232 years of Rattanakosin will feature cultural performances, a food fair, folk games, a bazaar of local products from all regions of the country, and a light and sound presentation on the history of Rattanakosin. Sightseeing tours will also be arranged both by bus and by boat to various cultural and historical sites in the city.

Apart from spectacular processions, visitors will also see kite flying at Sanam Luang. Kite flying was a popular Thai game in the Rattanakosin period.

In addition to touring historical and cultural sites, visitors can also walk around the Rattanakosin Island, the heart of the original city. Foreign visitors and the Thai people can also admire the distinctive beauty of Thai culture and learn about its great history at various places in this city, which has been voted as the best tourism city in Asia for several consecutive years.

The ministry expects that the upcoming festival will help boost Thailand’s tourism and showcase Bangkok as one of the world’s city of arts and culture.

Since its founding as the capital city in 1782, Bangkok has grown to become an important political, social, and economic center of Southeast Asia. It abounds in cultural and historical sites reflecting the country’s long history and unique culture.