Southern insurgency: 2 killed, 1 injured in Pattani


PATTANI, July 27- A former defence volunteer was shot dead in provincial seat of this southern border province while a woman was killed in Khok Pho district, according to local police.

Arong Jehmasae, a 67-year-old ex-defence volunteer, died early today in Bana sub-district in an ambush on his way to a mosque to perform Friday prayers.

Mr Arong was  pronounced dead at a hospital.

Empty cartridges from several weapons were found at the scene.

Local police presumed that the cause of the attack was either to a personal conflict or related to the southern insurgency.

Earlier, a married couple was attacked by gunmen about 3am while riding a motorcycle to visitr relative at a local hospital.

Rosa Dorloh, 18, was wounded in the attack and his wife, Mrs Waesoh, was killed.

Meanwhile, L/Cpl Kompoj Sinpiban leading a 10-man squad of paramilitary rangers clashed with a group of insurgents hiding in a roadside forest in Narathiwat’s Rueso district.

The exchange of gunfire lasted for ten minutes.

During the gunfight, an armoured vehicle carrying soldiers of Narathiwat Special Task Force Unit 30 was passing by and fired at the assailants who fled to the nearby mountains.

No casualties were reported in the clash, but spent cartridges on the road and the nearby

rubber plantation were collected as evidence.