South Korea honors Korean War veterans in Thailand


SUKHOTHAI – Thai soldiers who fought in the Korean War have been honored by the Republic of Korea with the Ambassador for Peace Medal.

At Pailyn Hotel in the capital district of Sukhothai province, Col Sung Wooyoung, Defense Attache of the Republic of Korea to the Kingdom of Thailand, presided over the ceremony to present the Ambassador for Peace Medal to Thai veterans from Sukhothai and nearby provinces who took part in the Korean War during 1950-1953.

Out of 17 recipients, nine were still alive and were present at the ceremony. For the other eight who had passed away, the medal was granted to their descendants instead. Moreover, a total of 13 descendants were given educational scholarships, which came from donation by civil servants, people and various organizations in South Korea.

In his speech, Col Sung praised the Thai veterans for their heroic deeds in protecting the Korean people and thanked them for their sacrifice, which has enabled the once war-torn country to prosper again. He said the Ambassador for Peace Medal is considered a token of appreciation for the Thai soldiers and the proof of friendship between the two nations.