Songkran revelers urged to avoid using high-pressure water guns


BANGKOK, 9 April 2012  – Revelers have been advised to refrain from using high-pressure water guns when splashing water onto others during the upcoming Songkran Festival.

The Office of the Consumer Protection Board (CPB) has prohibited vendors and shopkeepers from selling high-pressure water guns. It said the products are found to be on sale in some areas. The CPB has hence cooperated with the Consumer Protection Police Division (CPPD) in order to suppress sales of these guns.

High pressure water guns were widely used in the past Songkran Festivals, which reportedly could cause bruises on targets’ body and hurt their eyes or even cause blindness if directly shot at.

The CPB has warned that violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of law. Vendors can face a prison term of up to six months and/or a fine of not more than 50,000 baht, while producers and importers of such guns can face a prison term of up to five years and/or a fine of not more than 500,000 baht.

Meanwhile, Khao San Business Association has revealed that the Songkran Festival on Khao San Road will be held from April 12-15. The street is known as one of the main venues for Bangkok’s Songkran celebrations.

To ensure peace and security, the Association has cooperated with the government banning revelers from drinking alcoholic beverages, carrying weapons, including belt buckles during the festival. Powder is also forbidden.